Not Here to Make Friends

by Talk Show Host

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Dead Meat 02:56
my whole world caught fire and so i built this wall a concrete curtain high on my own low i crouch in the shadows i wait for the gallows i think i've been here once before no i don't want another lease on life i wanna own this one outright time will drown our love we'll choke on the hours the comfort of cowards a bolt across the lighthouse door and no i don't want another lease on life i wanna own this one outright i'm dead meat, i'm certified i'm dead meat, i'm cured and fried outrun, outlaw that flame it cripples just the same but for one moment in the night you might just catch the fire in my tired eyes
when sun sets on good intentions and artificial inspiration you sign a DNR you're gonna be a fucking star sidle up with condescension shaking hands for misdirection "hey could you do a solid? we didn't come prepared." "caught us unaware, and i gotta do my hair." altered egos, bloodshot eyes separate and ostracize throwing horns as you slip out the door i'll play to no one, i don't care we backed the right horse in the wrong year your manifesto, sing it loud and clear: "we're not here to make friends. we're just here to win."
i can do what i can say what i please i can go where i choose, i can take what i need i can take a little more and i can guarantee i won't step to the side or give up my seat i won't listen to reason or change my opinion i probably won't even notice when the chorus sings i hate men i hate all men we're insufferable i hate men i hate ALL men we're malevolent, unintelligent and irrelevant, y'know and who let us run the show? i'm a powerful guy i'm distinguished and tough look me in the eye and try to understand i set the lowest bar and get the upper hand you're a fly on my car you're a steak i could (over)cook you're obligated to suffer unsolicited bluster let me stop you there and tell you why you're wrong i hate men i hate all men and the sounds we make i hate men i hate all men the entitlement and irrelevant malevolence, y'know and what do we have to show? when i'm walking all alone, one finger on my phone don't look at me, don't talk to me i just wanna make it home you're a virulent stain of insignificant pus an obsolete machine, a disfigure of speech and when the train doors close i hope they catch on your teeth i hate men i hate all men with no caveats, with no asterisk, with no qualification i hate all men
watch him fall look for answers but there's really none at all he's got no hold no amount of social networking could buy a sense of common control after all, we're animal ephemeral, i guess we're nothing after all it's just a dream miles of footage but you can't recut the scene you push in close every frame looks like a photograph you found in an obituary after all, we're animal ephemeral, i guess we're nothing after all "i walk through walls," he said. "everyone will know my name. they'll give their lives to feel the same." "i can walk through walls," he said. "and cure this cancer in my head." but after all, we're animal ephemeral, i guess we're nothing after all he's not your friend he made that clear to you a week before the end they found him cold in the backseat of the cadillac he bought when he turned 40 years old.
all rise and shout in unison! bug-eyed. spittle-flecked and taut. shit flies. we'll nail it to the wall. they can't tell us what to think! they'll try we'll shut our eyes and hum theme songs from back when we were young and just ignore the open door you can't go wrong when you belong and we're not wrong! join us when you're ready we've got these awful songs to sing with you you know the tune, the rhythm and the key all eyes, avert from travesty deny your own anatomy terrify! yeah, trust us, we know better. we know better than you. you're not turning out all right no one wants to hear from you we're 21st, you're 1957 so just ignore the open door you can't go wrong when you belong to a nervous wreck


The inevitable third EP!


released May 19, 2017

Written and Produced by TALK SHOW HOST
Engineered by John Dinsmore @ Lincoln County Social Club
Mixed/Mastered by Olive t'Servrancx-Bierman @ Electrik Box Studio
Art Direction/Photos/Design by Harley Haskett
Guest Vocals on "I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)" by Madeleine Maynard


all rights reserved



Talk Show Host Toronto, Ontario

Two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar.

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